Progressive Technology Opens the Doors of it’s Apprentice Academy to Rolls-Royce

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The Progressive Apprentice & Training Academy was developed for the internal training and development of talented young individuals seeking a career in engineering.

The academy is home to two full time trainers with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of engineering, who provide hands-on guidance and support to our trainees. Trainees are also academically trained at the Basingstoke College of Technology (BCOT).

In early 2022 we opened the doors to our customers, and a large delegation of individuals from Rolls-Royce saw this as an opportunity to earn some hands-on experience of manual milling, turning and hand polishing/ bench-work, and gain a better understanding of some of the engineering challenges we see daily at the Progressive Technology Group.

We are passionate about getting the basics right before moving into the highly complex challenging jobs, so understanding the fundamentals, and the principles of how to cut metal, is paramount to the engineering foundations of our team.

On the day, Purchasers, Designers, and Engineers from Rolls-Royce were split into small groups, working on different materials. Each team gained an appreciation for the challenges we overcome when adhering to tolerance requirements. Coupled with a few engineering competitions, everyone that attended found value in the training collaboration.

Learning about common machining operations is a strategic development opportunity for Rolls-Royce designers. Their submitted concepts and detailed designs will reach a higher degree of maturity thanks to their improved understanding of the machining limits and opportunities. This will only strengthen our relationship with Progressive Technology during our next Design for Manufacture sessions.


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Collaborating with our customers is something we enjoy doing every day at Progressive Technology. We find sharing our knowledge through technical discussions or hands-on workshops the best way to forge a trustworthy relationship, ultimately resulting in the highest quality product and service.

If your business would be interested in our training and consultation services, please contact the team

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