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EOS M290 Additive Manufacturing Machine

EOS M290 Additive Manufacturing Machine

As of December 16th 2019, the Additive Manufacturing Department at Progressive Technology acquired its fifth EOS M2XX system, an EOS M290, bringing the machine park to 3 x EOS M290, 2 x EOS M280 and 1 x Renishaw AM400. In line with the existing setup of the additive manufacturing systems at Progressive Technology, the new M290 is dedicated to a single material set, Aluminium.

The Additive Manufacturing team has always segregated its material sets to avoid cross contamination, a critical requirement of our customer base. The additional machine adds to the core competencies of manufacturing Titanium and Aluminium alloys.

The investment in this technology, now circa £2.5M in total, shows the ongoing commitment of the Progressive Technology Group in the field of Additive Manufacturing, which continues to play a critical role in the future of the business.

The additional capacity will ensure our customers continue to receive excellent lead times on components as well as high quality aesthetic and mechanical performance from the EOS additive manufacturing systems.

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