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Progressive Technology purchased our first CNC milling machine in 2000.

By December 2019, we invested in and commissioned four new Mikron P 800U machines, bringing the total number of five axis machines to 40+.

It has always been in our interest to stay up to date with the latest advances and equipment. We believe it is imperative to ensure that the business has the most modern machining technology available.

The Mikron MILL P 800 U is a very robust, stable and accurate machining centre in a gantry-type design. This five-axis milling solution is designed for high-performance machining applications. For best accuracy and surface finish by simultaneous operation, the machine has water-cooled direct drives in the rotary and swivelling axes. These axes can be clamped to reach even a higher stiffness during roughing. Workpiece access is made easy by the big door and the short distance to the work table. Thanks to its unique concept and its modularity, the machine ensures precise machining applications in both single item and fast, serial production.

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