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Progressive Technology have recently been re-certified for supplying Scandium Alloy (Scalmalloy) components as manufactured on our EOS M290 additive manufacturing system.

Having supplied components in this material for many years to the motorsport industry, the additive manufacturing specialists at Progressive Technology have a detailed understanding of the processing limitations as well as the manufacturing opportunities that can be leveraged from building in Scalmalloy.

The high strength aluminium alloy is the only AM processable alloy which can effectively substitute high strength 7000 series aluminium alloys. Combining high strength with excellent ductility makes the material extremely suitable for highly loaded and safety critical parts in sectors such as Aerospace, Defence and Motorsport.

With an extensive fleet of subtractive machining technologies, Progressive Technology are uniquely placed to offer a fully integrated manufacturing solution for Scalmalloy components, from design support all the way through to complex machined, surface treated and fully inspected components.

If you would like to understand more about what Progressive Technology offers, or arrange a tour of our facilities, please contact the team at enquiries@progressive-technology.co.uk

For details on our current plant list, visit to PLANT LIST section of our website or get in touch.

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