Impossible shapes. Layer by layer.

Metal additive manufacturing, otherwise known as DMLS, is a ground-breaking technology used by all industry sectors to manufacture historically ‘impossible to make’ components in a wide variety of metal alloys.

Taking place inside an atmospherically controlled chamber containing an inert gas, thin layers of atomised fine metal powder (20 – 100 microns thick) are spread evenly using a coating mechanism onto a metal base plate. Cross sectional layers of the part are then fused by selectively melting the powder using a high-power laser beam. Layer upon layer, the part is gradually built up. This makes it possible to fabricate shapes or internal features such as honeycomb geometries or passageways that could not be cast or machined.

With almost 40 years’ experience in printing 3D metal components, Progressive Technology’s highly skilled team provides metal additive manufacturing and multi-axis machining solutions from a single production site, streamlining production, minimising delays in producing complex precision parts without having to resort to cost-intensive tooling or fabricating complicated assemblies.

Our maximum working envelope is 250mm x 250mm x 320mm